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Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS
Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS
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View Scoping Comments

View public scoping comment documents for the Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS.

Public comments received during the scoping phase, including individual letters, comments received electronically, and oral comments presented at scoping meetings, can be viewed below. Select a comment number link (at right) to view the corresponding comment document.

Please note that because some comment documents were submitted on behalf of multiple organizations, the comment may be listed more than once. Also, comment documents submitted via the Web are prefaced with the comment receipt; the actual comment document begins after the receipt.

MN Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Langan View 00001
SD South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Hanson View 00002
ND Verendrye Electric Cooperative Carlson View 00003
ND Velva Community Development Corporation Hauck View 00004
ND McHenry County Jobs Development Authority Hanson View 00005
ND Velva, City of Shattuck View 00006
ND Minot, City of Zimbelman View 00007
ND Minot Area Development Corporation Chavez View 00008
ND Farm Credit Services of North Dakota Sem View 00009
ND Minot Area Chamber of Commerce MacMartin View 00010
ND South Prairie School District #70 Groninger View 00011
ND {individual} Erickson View 00012
ND {individual} Gasmann View 00013
ND {individual} Smith View 00014
DC Environmental Protection Agency, US Svoboda View 00015
ND Basin Electric Cooperative Tomac View 00016
ND South Prairie School District #70 Groninger View 00017
ND Verendrye Electric Cooperative Carlson View 00018
ND {individual} Smith View 00019
ND National Wind, LLC Karlsson View 00020
ND {individual} Murphy View 00021
SD South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Hanson View 00022
SD South Dakota State Legislator, District 20 Vehle View 00023
SD {individual} Wegman View 00024
SD East River Electric Power Cooperative Sahr View 00025
SD South Dakota Farmers Union Fargen View 00026
SD Central Electric Cooperative Naess View 00027
SD {individual} Headley View 00028
SD {individual} Tollefson View 00029
SD {individual} Carlin View 00030
SD Intertribal Council on Utility Policy Schumacher View 00031
MT Grasslands Renewable Energy Gerlach View 00032
MT {individual} Melton View 00033
MN Clear Wind Vanderboom View 00034
MT TetraTech Westerman View 00035
ND {individual} {anonymous} View 50001
ND {individual} Roen View 50002
MT {individual} Sentz View 50003
ND North Dakota Department of Agriculture Johnson View 50004
MT {individual} Sentz View 50005
SD {individual} Boe View 50006
SD {individual} Karlen View 50007
MT {individual} Olsen View 50008
?? {individual} Reeves View 50009
SD {individual} Dorman View 50010
SD {individual} wegman View 50011
SD {individual} Ropp View 50012
NY {individual} Winestine View 50013
MN National Wind, LLC Karlsson View 50014
CO National Wildlife Federation Zimmerman View 50015
DC Defenders of Wildlife Delach View 50016
ND Basin Electric Power Cooperative Olson View 50017
AZ Robert S. Lynch & Associates Lynch View 50018
DC American Wind Energy Association Jodziewicz View 50019
MN The Nature Conservancy McKim View 50020
MT Montana Audubon Ellis View 50021
CO Mid-West Electric Consumers Association Graves View 50022
SD South Dakota, Energy Policy Office Roberts View 50023

Public Comments on the Draft PEIS

Public comments on the Draft PEIS were compiled in Appendix A of the PEIS, along with Agency responses to comments. Appendix A can be viewed by downloading Volume 2 of the Final PEIS, which is available on the Documents page of this website.