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Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS
Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS
Wind Energy Guide
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Wind Energy Guide

A guide to wind energy and electric transmission, with photos, maps, and links.

Wind energy is a renewable source of electric power, and is the world's fastest growing method of generating electricity. Wind power generation uses wind turbines to "harvest" the energy of moving air, and convert that energy into mechanical power or electricity that can be used for a variety of purposes. Wind energy is very abundant in many parts of the United States.

A basic understanding of wind energy, wind energy technology, and wind energy development issues is important to informed participation in the PEIS process. The Wind Energy Guide section provides an introduction to wind energy, wind resources, wind power technology, and some of the issues faced in development of wind power in the United States.

Electric power transmission is the process by which electricity is transported over long distances to consumers. For newly constructed wind energy facilities, if no existing suitable transmission facilities are available, new transmission lines and associated facilities would be required. In other cases, existing transmission facilities might require upgrading. The Guide also includes information about electric transmission and electric transmission facilities.

The Guide includes the following resources: